Mugai Ryu

Traditional, japanese swordfighting from Samurai with Katana for cultivating mind and body.

David Jackson

Mugai Ryu Europe federation UK representative

In 2018 David celebrates 45 years training which started like so many after watching Bruce Lee on the big screen. At the age of 16 he joined a local Karate club in Manchester UK, taking his first grading in 1973. In 1976 David moved to the West Midlands where he joined a local Karate club and continued with his training.
After 15 years of Shotokan Karate and a Nidan grade David had a 6 week break from training due to a broken foot. Keen to get back to training, as soon as the plaster came off he started Aikido, thinking, it was a bit less rigorous than Karate and easier on his injury.
David-CloseUpTaiChiHow wrong he was. David explains “I joined the group thinking it was going to be a piece of cake”, I soon changed my mind as I lay on my back winded and shocked looking up at the instructor smiling down at me.
From 1988 and as a result of his Aikido training, David started to study the “soft” application of techniques, strikes, locks and throws. As a direct result of this study, he started to train in the art of Tai Chi Chuan which he still teaches and practices to this day.
In 2018 David celebrates 30 years of Tai Chi Practice.
david_smallWorking as a government inspector David met a Jujutsu-ka, they became good friends and he started training in modern Jujutsu eventually gaining a shodan grade.
It was during this Jujutsu training David was exposed to Koryu (old style Japanese traditional Martial arts) He had practiced Karate weapons for many years and continued weapon training in the Jujutsu school. However, the Jujutsu kata was very different from the Karate Kata he was familiar with. It was a natural progression to become interested in Iai and Ken Jutsu as the Jujutsu style had served to wet his appetite for a more traditional style.

During the 90’s he trained with some of the most skilled Kobudo practitioners in Japan and the UK and was awarded Yondan in traditional Bujutsu. This included some of the more well-known weapons carried by Samurai both on the battle field and in civilian life.
In2008 at the age of 52 David retired from his government job and became a professional Martial Arts instructor and the founder of Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts.
Since then David has studied Meifu Shinkage Ryu (MSR) as a direct student of the present Head Master, Sōke Yasuyuki Ôtsuka Sensei. David was awarded the Nidan grade in 2015.
Mugai Ryu UK(David Jackson and Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern)

In 2014 David was introduced to Mugai Ryu by a friend and attended a Seminar in Prague. At the Seminar he was introduced to Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern Sensei the Head Master of the European Federation. As a result of this meeting David was invited to join the Mugai Ryu European Federation and became the Federations representative in the UK receiving the title of Kaicho.